Why Shop at Pennystyle.Co ?

Have you ever dreaded getting on the freeway and driving 20 minutes in traffic, to go to the mall, find parking like 1/4 mile away from the entrance, go in to a big retailer store to see yourself in the fitting room and hate what you see? Don't buy anything and walk out super frustrated! I've been that person so many times. 

That's one of the many reasons I decided to open a small boutique in the heart of downtown Ceres, CA. Pennystyle&Co is a small charming little boutique. We are trying to get to know you on a personal basis since the moment you walk in through the door. I want to know my customers so good that I should know your size, preference of style, favorite color, whose getting married next from your inner circle. Will even keep your little secrets safe, so your husband won't know how often you are coming in to do retail therapy. Pennystyle &Co provides a deeper connection with the customer. The moment you walk in, it will be welcoming with a smell of our favorite handcrafted organic candle. Your personal stylist will listen to what you want and help you find your size. Next stop, our fitting rooms! They are so darn cute with little signs and great lighting to help you make your decision. You can show us how you look and will provide a honest yet positive criticism. In case you come in alone, it will be like you have one of your best friends to cheer you on if it looks great and if you aren't feeling it and we agree, we will tell you! We want you to feel great when you have any of our beautiful items on. If it isn't quite right, will help you find the right fit and accessories to complete your look. 

We also have one of a kind items and unique clothing. You aren't spending your money to have a shirt or an outfit that thousands of people in your city have too. Trust me, I have a story about it and I will be sharing on my next post. Another great thing about Pennystyle is that we carry plus size items, women of all sizes should have a great shopping experience and we are here for you. 

Don't be shy and stop by at Pennystyle&Co, it's a small boutique, where it's more intimate, we care to get to know you, we will help you find the right items for your personality, and you will walk out with a unique item that can't be found everywhere. I look forward to meeting you soon. 


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