About Us

Welcome to Penny Style! 

I am so excited you stopped by to visit our page. My name is Maria Rodriguez, but my family and friends call me Lupita, so can you! I want to empower women to feel their best. I feel my best when I look great in clothes and pull the outfit together with great accessories. I know we can help you do that too. 

I brought Penny Style to you, so you have a simpler time shopping online without having an overwhelming experience. I  don´t want you to be mindless clicking away pages and pages of products and still feel like you still haven't found what you want. At Penny Style, we have provided great clothing and accessories to choose for any occasion. We have something for everyone regardless of your style. 

 The accessories on Penny Style is high quality and fun, yet comfortable. I picked these items thinking of the alluring personalities that will shine through. I am ecstatic to see you guys share your posts on Instagram wearing our items!